Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve started this blog up so that I can get my photos out in the public eye. I’m very passionate about photography and have become determined to start my own business. I’ve always had a great passion for photography and a couple of years ago I got my first SLR digital camera and I LOVE IT! It was never my intention to become a photographer but it kind of just sprouted in me. I wanted this camera so that I could take awesome photos of my horse-Penny. To me, there aren’t many things more beautiful then a photo that depicts the natural essence of the equines true beauty. Before too long I was taking pictures of friend’s babies and families. Wow, I realized that I actually had a talent for this. I’ve always been an artsy person but this truly surprised me. So I’ve been working on my portfolio for a little while now but I feel it’s only a quarter of what it should be to really show people what I’ve got.  So feel free to comment of any of the pictures-whether it’s about how much you like the picture or maybe some input on how the photo could be improved. I take all criticism with an open ear and a willingness to learn from it.

~Kelly L


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